10 Android apps that will change how you use WhatsApp

One of the most widely-used communication platforms, WhatsApp has more than a billion users. To enable fun and helpful conversations between its users, the app regularly adds new features. However, there are some third-party apps that enable many other use-cases on WhatsApp that users otherwise cannot do. These include automating messages, reading deleted messages and much more. Here are ten such third-party apps that could change how you use WhatsApp.

Disclaimer: All the apps mentioned below are third-party applications and are not directly affiliated with WhatsApp. Using them may bypass some of WhatsApp’s security features, as some of the apps mentioned below can only function by getting access to your WhatsApp data. Use them at your own risk. 


WAMR is your go-to tool when you want to no longer deal with deleted messages. The app will need some initial setting up, but when it’s up and running, you can forget ever having to ask a friend, colleague or your boss what a deleted message was as the app will use the temporary notifications from deleted messages to log them for you.

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WABox is exactly what its description says – a one-stop shop for multiple handy WhatsApp features. My favourite one on offer here is the fake call and chat feature that you can use to fake a scary call or chat as a prank. There’s also a emoji-to-text feature that lets you turn emoji to alphabets for when you want to get creative without much effort.

WhatsAuto Reply

WhatsApp is used by many to handle and promote their businesses. For those who want customers to not wait indefinitely for a reply when you’re not immediately available, WhatsAuto Reply is a popular stand-in that can reply to new texts with a default text that can let customers know you’ll be back soon.

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Cube ACR

Be it for entertainment or work-related reasons, you may need to record WhatsApp calls at times and there’s no native way to do that. However, call recording apps can help you out with that. Cube ACR is one of the best call recording solutions on Android that helps you with not just WhatsApp calls, but also Zoom and some other apps. The interface is also simple to use and requires barely any setup.

WA Call Blocker

Currently, the only way to block calls on WhatsApp is to block the person calling you. However, that lets the user know they’re blocked and doesn’t let the text messages through either. That’s where WA Call Blocker comes in. The app allows you to only block calls (from select or all contacts) which means you can still use text messages regularly.

Blocked callers get a ‘call declined’ alert immediately and a log helps you keep track of those who tried to reach you. This applies to both Voice and Video Calls, and the app also works with WhatsApp Business.

Transcriber for WhatsApp

Transcriber for WhatsApp lets you transcribe voice notes when they’re too long, full of instructions, or when you just cannot listen to voice notes when traveling through traffic. The app is super easy to use and comes with a neat tutorial too.

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Status saver

Go through a lot of funny WhatsApp status updates? Or maybe you just run into something informative that you want to save for later. Status saver will help you do that in the easiest way possible without you having to search for the status you want later amidst a sea of screenshots.

Sticker Maker

WhatsApp stickers are fun. No wonder so many people use them on a daily basis, and many more do during festivals and other special occasions. However, if you want to make your stickers extra special, funny or just personalised, you will need an app like Sticker Maker. The app lets users convert any image into a sticker and create a sticker pack of multiple such stickers to use in WhatsApp, complete with text and borders.


While there are official ways to transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android devices now, there was a time when that was not possible. Apps like Whatsupper helped users transfer between the two popular OSs back then and is still used by many today to move chats and history between phones. If you’re planning to switch to or from an iPhone, you may want to try this.

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WaLastSeen is handy if you want to keep track of when your children or WhatsApp Business customers were last online, although you can practically use the app to track anyone’s ‘last seen’ status. The app only works with parties who actually have their last seen turned on, though, so you may not be able to track just everyone.

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