31 tips to boost your family’s emotional and physical well-being

Has the impact of the past two years created a strain in your family? Is there a growing distance among family members? Often enough, you might find a family member in a mood slump, irritable, unhappy, demotivated, sometimes that person could even be you. The despair and dissatisfaction of one person affects the entire family’s well-being, and the peace at home is threatened.

This usually leads to members disconnecting from each other over time and staying isolated in their own world. Hence, it’s important to cultivate habits that improve the physical and emotional well-being of a family.

This may not be the only suggestions, but here are 31 simple tips to bring the family closer. Strong relationships are integral to your health and happiness. You can customise these tips to suit your family’s routine. The list is divided into two sections for your ease to incorporate and understand:

Personal and Lifestyle related:

1. Clean home and personal space
2. Declutter personal belongings
3. Disconnect digitally for a few hours a day (during waking hours)
4. Connect with nature and go outdoors
5. Sleep for 7-8 hours without interruptions
6. Eat nutritious and well-balanced meals
7. Be active with exercise and/or yoga
8. Hydrate yourself with water
9. Limit intake of stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol
10. Routine medical check-ups as per the doctor’s guidance
11. Practice good hygiene daily – bathing, brushing teeth, clean clothes
12. Create a routine and follow it
13. Read or learn something new
14. Take breaks to refresh
15. Focus on one goal that you can achieve. Create a plan and work on it
16. Manage stress, anxiety and anger
17. Indulge in meditation or breathing excercises

Social and family related:

18. Smile at a family member
19. Recall memories and relive them
20. Share each other’s emotional difficulties, it will bring you closer
21. Express your feelings instead of bottling it
22. Forgive someone who has hurt you
23. Prioritise spending time with loved ones
24. Lend a listening ear and listen, rather than advise
25. Do some new things or activities that you and your family enjoy together
26. Laugh on silly jokes or family experiences
27. Speak with kindness and love
28. Be encouraging to yourself and family members to uplift spirits
29. Look for joy in small things
30. End comparisons — it is the thief of all joy
31. Eat meals together as a family

You probably do many of the above – all these actions establish balance and good health in an individual and in the family system. To feel good and navigate life’s complexities, do these consistently as they are building blocks to your well-being. Depending on your circumstances, some maybe easier to incorporate, so start with those.

Your children may not listen when you tell them to do something, but chances are they will imbibe your habits and routines once they see you on it! Life is usually not easy, and you may face difficulties from time-to-time, like everyone else. But those who are emotionally, physically and mentally in good health are better equipped to handle them.

Shubhika Singh is a senior consultant psychologist specializing in young adults and the co-founder of Innerkraft.com based in Kolkata

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