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Mods are a big part of Minecraft. While they’re technically not an official part of the game, they are something that a large portion of the playerbase uses. They’re more accessible in Java Edition, but Bedrock Edition players also have add-ons they can use.

Mods can do all kinds of different things, ranging from changing the color scheme to turning players into different mobs. They can even turn the game into something completely different.

Here are some of the coolest mods that Minecraft players should try out right now.

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Xaero’s Minimap and 3 other Minecraft mods that players should definitely try out in 2022

1) Biomes O’Plenty

Minecraft has always been known for its wide variety of biomes. The 1.19 update added two more to the mix, the Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp.

The Biomes O’Plenty mod takes this to another level as it introduces new trees, plants, flowers, and building blocks. It also completely revamps the biomes currently available in the game.

Biomes O’Plenty has been one of the best mods for a really long time. It is constantly getting updated to give players the highest quality biomes and features. The developers recently updated it to 1.19.

2) Morphing mod


Transformation mods are always popular, and the Morphing mod is one of the best in that category.

In this mod, players can transform into a mob after killing it. This adds variety as well as a layer of chaotic fun to spice things up for players.

The thing that sets this transformation mod apart is the ability to randomize it. In the featured video above, the player kills a few different mobs, transitioning back and forth all the time. They even morphed into a villager at one point.

These factors make this an excellent mod to try out for Minecraft players who might be a little tired of the same old game.

3) Xaero’s Minimap

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