5 best DPS Cookies to use in Cookie Run: Kingdom PvE

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s PvE aspect has grown in difficulty progressively post Chapter 11 of World Exploration. While different stages require specific team builds, it is always prudent to build a few Cookies from each Category and have them ready to use to avoid getting stuck on a particular level for too long.

This article includes a list of the best damage dealers in Cookie Run: Kingdom as of today’s date and why you should build them the moment you meet them in the Gacha.

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Best PvE damage dealers in Cookie Run: Kingdom (November 2022)

This list focuses on Cookies that can provide maximum in-game value as they fulfill the role of the primary DPS. This means that Cookies that provide great buffs to allies or have good survivability are prioritized over those that are solely damage dealers.

1) Vampire Cookie


Vampire Cookie is one of the older Cookies on the list, but he has been making a big return to the meta since the first Magic Candies update made him the first Cookie with a DMG rating of over 1000%.

With a low cooldown, insane DMG ratings on his original “Vampirism” and new Magic Candy ability, and the ability to heal himself, Vampire is one of the most dependable DPSs for any Cookie Run: Kingdom situation, and PvE is no different.

2) Eclair Cookie

Released as part of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s anniversary week celebration in January, Eclair has stayed on the S tier in the game’s meta for almost a year. The only Cookie with the unique Weakness debuff, he also brings an HP shield for all allies when an enemy under the above debuff falls.

All this is complemented by one of the highest DMG ratings of any character in the game, making Edclair a great build for both PvE and PvP.

3) Captain Caviar

Captain Caviar was released alongside one of the most hyped Cookies of the year, the newest Legendary in the game, Black Pearl Cookie. While Black Pearl is one of the most powerful Cookies in the game, Captain Caviar is no slouch.

His DEF reduction debuff and a boost in DMG resist for allies make the Torpedo-wielding Bomber a must-have for players who want to clear every stage on their first try and create a winning Cookie Run: Kingdom Arena team for their Masters climb.

4) Black Pearl Cookie

The second Legendary Cookie to be built exclusively for Cookie Run: Kingdom, after Frost Queen, Black Pearl has become one of the most recognizable faces in the game’s meta in a relatively short time frame. While obtaining her remains somewhat of a challenge, given her legendary rarity, that’s where Black Pearl’s cons end.

Her “Duskgloom’s Sovereign” ability packs in everything from insane AoE DMG, a long list of important debuffs, and a remarkably low cooldown, so much so that those debuffs are almost permanently affecting the enemy in battle.

5) Sorbet Shark Cookie

This loveable shark-turned-Cookie has made it to every best DPS list since they were released simply for the amount of DMG they can dole out every second they spend on your team. While their cooldown is a bit on the high side, the top-tier DMG numbers and tank-level max HP sweeten the deal in favor of the enthusiastic Epic Ambush Cookie.

Arguably the most tried and tested Cookie on this list, Sorbet Shark is the safest investment for a Cookie Run: Kingdom DPS.

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