5 Best Xbox accessories to buy during the Black Friday Sale 2022

Every year, the Black Friday Sale brings a plethora of deals and discounts to choose from, be it a swanky new GPU, the long-awaited RAM upgrade that the PC desperately needs, or a CPU purchase to take performance to the next level. This doesn’t mean that console users shouldn’t be excited about these deals.

Not only does the Black Friday sale provide an incredible discount on console hardware itself, but it also brings with it a horde of accessories to acquire at great prices.

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Xbox Series X has been a desire-worthy console since its launch. Add to that a few accessories, some by Microsoft and some by other OEMs, and you will have a complete home entertainment system that is also an incredibly powerful gaming console.

Take a look at the five Xbox accessories that should be grabbed during this Black Friday Sale to enrich your console experience.

5 best Xbox accessories to grab during the Black Friday Sale 2022

1) ASUS TUF Gaming 28″ 4K 144Hz DSC HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor (VG28UQL1A) – (for $549.99 on Newegg)


A powerful console requires a capable monitor to showcase the full range of its capabilities. Since the Series X is a console that is capable of 120fps at 4k, it is only logical to consider 4K monitors with a high refresh rate.

Asus’s TUF gaming monitor presents an excellent case for itself. Not only is it 4K capable, but it also supports a refresh rate of 144hz. When combined with the color accuracy of DCI-P3 at 90%, the monitor is capable of depicting brilliant saturation levels across a wide color gamut.

The monitor comes with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 which ensures enough bandwidth for a true 4K 120fps experience. The panel is an IPS panel thus ensuring good viewing angles. It also supports V-Sync technology from Nvidia and AMD. This is a great deal to buy for your Xbox in the Black Friday Sale.

2) Xbox Stereo Headset for Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X|S – (for $46.98 on Newegg


The stereo headsets from Microsoft are some of the best suited for Xbox. These headphones offer clear audio with good loudness while preventing any shrillness even at high volumes.

Xbox stereo headsets come equipped with on-headphone controls to adjust the volume for convenience. They also offer support for sizes of any head with their adjustable frame.

Those who still prefer the convenience of a good old 3.5 mm jack would be glad to know that this headset supports it. One simply needs to plug the cable into the controller and let Xbox take the rest. At $46.98, these headphones are not to be ignored during this Black Friday Sale.

3) Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S 1TB Solid State Drive – Expansion SSD for Xbox Series X|S (for $229.49 on Newegg)


A lot of us like to keep as many games as possible on our consoles. With Microsoft’s Gamepass service, this has become a habit for many gamers as they now have access to a large number of games to play at any given time. However, one limiting factor in the newest Xbox console is the presence of only 1TB of system storage.

Seagate’s storage expansion card has been built while keeping Xbox’s Velocity architecture in mind. What this means is that blazing fast load times along with instant resumes can be attained on your expansion card for Xbox. Black Friday Sale offers this expansion card for a good price of $229.49 for gamers looking for a storage upgrade.

4) Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-channel Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Soundbar (for $199.99 on Newegg)


Perhaps the audio experience is something that is most overlooked while building a gaming-centric PC in mind. The audio setup dials the experience to an eleven and fully immerses us in the environments we enjoy in our games.

Those looking to add an incredible sound bar either for desktop gaming on consoles or for couch gaming on TV should look no further thanks to the array of features present on this device.

The soundbar comes power-packed with features like a controllable RGB 5.1 Dolby Digital audio, Bluetooth 4.2, and 24-bit lossless playback from a USB Flash Drive, all of this with a total output of 75W RMS. This year’s Black Friday Sale has put it at its lowest price in the last thirty days.

5) Xbox Wireless Controller and Wireless Adapter for Xbox Series X|S (for $69 on Newegg)


Console gaming is seldom complete without friends and family. Even though the Series X is a powerful console, it comes with only one controller out of the box. Unfortunately, this means the two cannot compete or play together with each other in person.

Xbox’s wireless controller this Black Friday Sale is at its lowest price in the last thirty days. It comes with a connectivity dongle as well, so that gamers who have multiple setups can easily plug and play it on other devices like a PC. The controller is also compatible with Xbox One.

Accessories act to enrich and enhance the experience obtained on consoles. Having a good audio setup, combined with a great display, gives one a complete experience, not just as a gaming device but also as a total media center solution.

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