5 cars that should be added to GTA Online in the near future

GTA Online’s massive roster of vehicles keeps players occupied when they are looking to acquire the entire collection. One can never have enough of them, however, and fans are always looking to further expand their assortment using mods that bring in new models that are not officially available in the game.

Mods are a great way to have cars inspired by real-life models that Rockstar Games have not yet included in the game or it doesn’t look like they will in the future either. The community is hopeful that Rockstar Games will drop a new DLC in December 2022.

This article will detail five such models from the modding community that Rockstar Games should look into and consider adding to GTA Online.

Note: This article contains the writer’s opinions.

5 modded cars that are inspired by real life and should be added to GTA Online

1) Willard Paradox inspired by Plymouth Hemi Cuda ’71


Starting off the list with a retro car, the Willard Paradox is inspired by the 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, with a ton of options when it comes to customizations and liveries. Modder Smukkeunger, who created it, took parts from several other vehicles and had the final modded design made from his memory of the ’71 model.

The Willar Paradox can support a bunch of liveries, can be open-top or closed, has a decent amount of customizations, and brings interior and exterior paint jobs and custom wheels. Guaranteed to become one of the best-looking retro cars in the game, it can also have a racing version to take players to the track.

2) Coquette Phobos inspired by Chevrolet Corvette C3


There cannot be enough muscle cars in the game and the Coquette Phobos brings both style and muscle to GTA Online with modification options. Everything from bumpers to interior and exterior paint jobs and engines can be modified, letting players have a field day and making it truly unique.

3) Dinka Nexus inspired by Honda NSX


One of the most highly customizable modded models in the game, the Dinka Nexus is inspired by the Honda NSX’s design. Designed by modder IGNO, the car can bring numerous customizing options and liveries. It can also be one of the fastest automobiles in GTA Online, with the modded version reaching 132 mph.

4) Coil Savanna inspired by Cybertruck


The 4-door, 4-seater car, titled Coil Savanna, heavily inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck, brings a unique design for a futuristic car in the game. The futuristic and aerodynamic architecture make it a good vehicle for cops as it can block most vehicles.

The modded model is designed by Modder Wildbrick142, someone who is not new to the modding community. If the car comes with bulletproof armor all around and weaponizing options, it can be a good option in Arena Wars as well.

5) Progen Hurricane inspired by McLaren Speedtail


Created by Modder T3mina1Nerd_, the Progen Hurricane brings the highly famous and unique car by McLaren, the Speedtail, to the game. This particular model is a 1-seater, and comes with a rear-engine design just like its counterpart in real life. However, one negative point is that it’s not as customizable as many of the other modded vehicles that players have tried out in the game so far.

This particular model’s design might not allow for a whole lot of livery designs either. It can be a highly fast supercar in the game, and bringing it to races in GTA Online might give players the much-needed edge in acceleration that they need to claim victories.

One additional feature that might help them out is that it also has excellent handling, courtesy of the aerodynamic design that the modder has created.

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