Apple to introduce its first VR headset along with refreshed Macs in 2023: Mark Gurman

The newsletter claims that Apple has already distributed the Reality Pro VR headset to select developers for testing and development of third-party apps. Internally, the operating system is known as “Borealis” and it will be called xrOS in public.

It is also said that Apple is still working on fine-tuning the software, hardware, and services related to the Reality Pro VR headset. The newsletter also talks about how Apple is borrowing talent from other projects to fast forward the development and marketing aspects. This and the global economic slowdown could result in fewer technological breakthroughs from Apple this year.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with Dynamic Island (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan)

All iPhone models to get Dynamic Island

Mark Gurman has confirmed that all four iPhone models of 2023 will get Dynamic Island. For the iPhone 15 Pro models, we can see a USB Type-C port, titanium frame, and haptic volume buttons. As we recently reported the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be based on the next-generation A17 Bionic processor.

New MacBook Pros will get M2 chips in 2023 (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Indian Express)

New MacBooks to launch in the first half of 2023

Gurman also confirms that Apple will launch refreshed MacBooks in the first of 2023. The new MacBook Pro will be available in 14-inch and 16-inch form factors and will look similar to the current generation MacBook Pros with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip. The 2023 edition of the MacBook Pros will have newer M2 Pro and M2 Max chips with slightly improved CPU and GPU performance.

While the 12-inch MacBook Air is no longer happening, the new MacBook Air 15-inch could be the most interesting Mac launching this year.

He further reiterates that the Mac Pro 48-core CPU and 152-core GPU is cancelled, instead, the brand will launch a new Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra, which will look similar to the current Intel-based Mac Pro. However, the upcoming iteration will feature unified memory, hence, the RAM will not be upgradeable.

However, users will still be able to add storage (two SSD slots) and external GPUs with the M2 Ultra-powered Mac Pro and it will be more expensive than Apple’s most powerful Mac — Mac Studio, powered by M1 Max and the M1 Ultra processor.

Lastly, Apple could also introduce a large-screen iMac Pro based on Apple Silicon in 2023. However, the next-generation iMac 24-inch is not coming until next year, which will probably make use of the next-generation Apple M3 SoC.

We might also get refreshed iPad mini and iPad Air in 2023 (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Indian Express)

Nothing much for iPad enthusiasts in 2023

While Apple might launch a new iPad mini, iPad Air, and even the baseline iPad with upgraded specs, they are expected to look similar to the current lineup. Newer and better iPad Pros with an OLED display and newer Apple Silicon will drop in early 2024, making them the first set of iPads to feature OLED technology.

The same goes for the accessories, as the company might not launch anything special this year, and it might give a specs bump for the next-generation Apple Watch. Similarly, there won’t be any new Apple TVs or AirPods in 2023.

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