Assam man with rabies, who fled KMC, caught within hours – Onmanorama


Kottayam: Rabies patient and migrant labourer Jeevan Barua (39), who had fled the Kottayam Medical College hospital on Wednesday night, was caught within hours by the police.

The Assam native had sneaked out around 12.30 am, but the police nabbed him from the Kudamaloor area. Cops said he has since been shifted to the hospital.

Jeevan had initially sought treatment at the Kottayam General Hospital for a dog bite. But GH authorities sent him to the Medical College Hospital for a thorough examination.

He reached the casualty wing of the Medical College Hospital along with two friends in an autorickshaw at 10.30 pm on Wednesday. In the subsequent tests, authorities confirmed rabies infection. 

Although he was shifted to the contagious diseases department, he ran out from the hospital. After the hospital authorities informed the police, an alert was sounded in the district.

Two of his friends, who had reached the hospital along with the man, have also gone missing, police said.

Is rabies contagious?

Rabies is caused by a virus and affects the nerves and brain. The virus is transmitted through saliva of an infected animal. But it can also spread if the animal’s saliva gets directly into a person’s eyes, nose, mouth, or an open wound.

Rabies can be prevented if the bitten person gets prompt treatment. If a person isn’t treated and develops rabies, it is almost always fatal.

The first symptoms of rabies can appear from a few days to more than a year after the bite happens.

Rabies is non-communicable, i.e., it does not transmit from person to person.

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