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Astronomers have detected the youngest planet in the Chumatsky Way

Photo: ESOYoung Planet /p>

In the next few days, the James Webb Space Telescope will determine the mass of the newly born planet and the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

Astronomers have detected five thousand exoplanets over the remaining 30 years. The rest of them appeared the youngest if any planets appeared in our galaxy. The New York Times tells about it.

Experts admit what The star of AS 209 was planted on the vіdstanі 395 svіtlovih rіkіv vіd the Earth in suzіr’ї Zmієnosets, and there the flooring is young, so that the protoplanetary disk is still being ripped. This disk is a bunch of gas and a saw, from which planets are formed.

It is important that this planet is similar to Jupiter in its mass, but it is farther away from its star. For example, Neptune, the farthest planet of our Sonyach system, travels approximately 4.5 billion km from Sun. This exoplanet has been planted at a distance of 30 billion kilometers from its star.

&# 8220;Watch out for the planet and watch out for it, so as to watch out for the past of the Earth. Aje, our planet was formed from the protoplanetary disk in such a way. The next hour is the Webb Space Telescope to determine the exact mass of the planet, the size and the chemical warehouse of the atmosphere”, – See Miriam Beniste from the Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics near Grenoble.

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