BGMI developer Krafton to launch Defense Derby and The Callisto Protocol in India soon

In a few days, the ban on BGMI will be four months old. However, its future in India remains uncertain. That said, Krafton — the developer and publisher of the game — is set to launch two new titles globally, including in the Indian video game market. According to a recent official announcement, Defense Derby and The Callisto Protocol will launch in India soon.

Defense Derby will be a real-time strategic defense mobile game that Krafton’s subsidiary, RisingWings, will develop. At the same time, another subsidiary of the BGMI publisher, Striking Distance Studios, is making The Callisto Protocol. This title will be a survival horror experience for Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, and many other platforms. Readers can learn more about the upcoming games below.

BGMI publisher Krafton to launch The Callisto Protocol in December 2022, Defense Derby still in development phase

The Callisto Protocol will be launched globally on December 2, 2022. Initially set in PUBG Universe, the upcoming multi-platform game will be a standalone title focusing on a next-generation story-driven survival horror experience. Indian PC gamers can pre-order The Callisto Protocol via Steam right now.


The title is available via pre-purchase prices of ₹2,499 and ₹2,999 for Day One and Digital Deluxe Editions. Besides Windows, one will be able to get The Callisto Protocol on platforms like Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

On the other hand, Defense Derby’s release date is not out yet as its development and testing phases are still underway. According to official sources, it will be a strategic PvP defense game with a real-time auction system. Using this feature, one will have to acquire cards to build decks.

Players will also have to defend their castles against incoming monsters, and the last one standing out of four participants will be the winner.


RisingWings’ Vice President, Moon-chul Kang, said about Defense Derby’s gameplay:

“Defense Derby will offer immersive and intense gameplay by introducing strategic card combinations to create various synergy effects, and adding the auction system to make bold moves by predicting the opponent’s next step.”

Kang also had another message for the community involving the testing phase. He said:

“Before the official launch, we ask for players’ participation and feedback during global pre-release testing.”

Apart from both upcoming titles, Krafton recently mentioned its efforts to resume BGMI’s services via the Q3 earnings report. Readers can find the complete details regarding the same here.

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