Bride and groom start fighting at the mandap during wedding ritual. Viral video leaves Internet stunned – India Today


A video of a couple performing the wedding rituals at the mandap has gone viral on social media. For good reasons or not, you decide. The video features a bride and groom performing the ritual when the duo break into an intense fight. We have often witnessed the exchange of friendly banter between the couple during the wedding festivities but this one just gets too intense to handle. It was shared on Instagram handle called British Bengali Banter. It has over 3 million views. The video appears to be from a Nepali wedding.

In the now-viral video, you can see a bride and groom sitting together performing the wedding rituals. While it is not clear what triggered the intense fight, but it just got violent with every passing second. At one point, the bride was literally on top of the groom fighting and they fell down from their seats. You can see guests trying to stop them but to no avail.

Watch the video here:

Netizens took to the comments section trying to figure out what actually triggered the fight. Others found the video hilarious. There were others who asked if it was an arranged or love marriage.

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