Can Yungoos be shiny in Pokemon GO? (November 2022)

Yungoos was introduced to Pokemon GO on March 1, 2022, during the Welcome to Alola event. Since then, trainers everywhere have spotted it in the wild. Some players have likely captured it multiple times, as it is a fairly common Pokemon.

While Yungoos is pretty easy to spot, does it have a shiny form available for capture? Fortunately, the answer is yes, as the creature received its shiny form the same day it was introduced in the game.


It is important to note that Yungoos spawns are currently boosted in Pokemon GO, thanks to the ongoing Astral Eclipse event.

Catching Yungoos is fairly easy in the game, but finding its shiny form can be a little trickier.

How to find shiny Yungoos in Pokemon GO’s Astral Eclipse event

While Yungoos can be found during normal gameplay in Pokemon GO, the Astral Eclipse event has boosted its appearance significantly.

Yungoos won’t appear in things like raids or as a result of Field Research tasks. However, it can be found in the wild and hatched from 2-kilometer eggs during Astral Eclipse (and likely well after the event has concluded).

Here are the steps you can take to encounter a shiny Yungoos in the wild:

  1. Open the Pokemon GO app and head out into the world. You’ll likely want to find a high-population area to roam, as higher populations lead to more Pokemon spawns. This, in turn, means more Yungoos appearances. More Yungoos spawns mean more chances of finding its shiny form.
  2. Pop an Incense as you travel. This will increase Pokemon spawns around your character either every minute or every 200 meters traversed as long as you’re moving.
  3. If you need to take a break but still want to keep potential Yungoos spawning, attach a standard Lure Module to a nearby Pokestop. Yungoos and other wild Pokemon will be attracted to the Pokestop for one hour.


Here are the steps you can follow to hatch a shiny Yungoos from 2km eggs:

  1. Obtain a 2km egg. This can be achieved by spinning the disc of a Pokestop or a gym. Since Yungoos is currently in the pool of hatchable Pokemon, any 2km egg received during Astral Eclipse may contain the Pokemon. Additionally, Yungoos can commonly hatch from 2km eggs that are rewarded even during normal, non-event gameplay, though egg pools rotate regularly.
  2. Place the 2km egg in an Incubator. A standard red variant will do fine, but for reduced travel distance, you can use a blue variant or a Super Incubator to make the hatching process much faster.
  3. With your egg in your incubator, travel around the game world until the egg is ready to hatch. Additionally, if you don’t want to keep Pokemon GO open during your travels, you can enable the Adventure Sync function in your settings to allow the game to track your distance while the app is closed.
  4. Eventually, when you have the app open, your screen will notify you that the egg is hatching. Additionally, if the game is closed, you’ll receive a push notification (if enabled) stating that your egg is ready to hatch. Keep in mind that while the egg can hatch a Yungoos, it may also hatch a different Pokemon entirely.

When shiny hunting in Pokemon GO, persistence is key. It can take several wild encounters or egg hatches to receive a shiny Pokemon, and Yungoos is no exception. Keep catching and hatching, and eventually, the pink-hued Yungoos will make an appearance.

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