Fed Vice Chair Calls Silicon Valley Bank a ‘Textbook Case of Mismanagement’

The Federal Reserve’s top bank cop blamed Silicon Valley Bank’s leaders, while previewing the cental bank’s review of its faulty oversight. Source link

World Bank Warns of ‘Lost Decade’ for Global Economic Potential

Adding to crises like the pandemic, recent stress in the banking system is a new threat to world growth, experts at the organization said. Source link

Biden Acts to Restrict U.S. Government Use of Spyware

The president signed an executive order seeking to limit deployment of a tool that has been abused by autocracies — and some democracies — to spy on dissidents, human rights…

Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Hires Another Former Trump Aide

Matt Wolking, who was part of the 2020 Trump campaign, will coordinate strategic communications for Never Back Down, a super PAC backing Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. Source link

Chicago’s Mayoral Race Pits the Teachers Union Against the Police Union

In a city known for its unions, two loom over the Paul Vallas-Brandon Johnson race, and no labor leader is as significant as the incendiary president of the Fraternal Order…

A Trump-DeSantis War of Words

The two men have increasingly clashed lately. But while Trump has delivered his usual stream of insults, DeSantis has operated from a more old-school playbook. Source link

Kamala Harris Looks to Deepen Relations With Africa Amid China’s Influence

In a weeklong trip to Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia, the vice president will face a balancing act as she tries to foster a collaborative U.S. relationship. Source link

Jet Shook, Killing Dana Hyde, After Pilots Shut Off Key System, Report Says

Dana Hyde sustained fatal injuries during the flight in New England after pilots turned off a switch that controls a stabilizer function in the aircraft, a preliminary report said. Source…

U.N. Investigators Protest to U.S. Over Health Care at Guantánamo Bay

The rapporteurs filed the complaint with the United States on Jan. 11 but kept it confidential until this weekend. Washington has yet to respond. Source link

Nominee for F.A.A. Post Withdraws From Consideration

His Republican critics had complained that he lacked aviation experience and raised questions about his connection to a corruption investigation. Source link