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Cliff Collapses At UK Beach As Hot Weather Scorches Rocks: Report

Picture shows cliff falls leaving behind huge clouds of dust.

The scorching heat that has gripped the United Kingdom is causing some unexpected havoc. In Devon, a series of dramatic cliff falls were reported in the coastal areas, leaving behind huge clouds of dust, according to The Telegraph.

It quoted local publications to say that two huge collapses and a number of smaller rock falls were reported on East Beach in Sidmouth, with pieces of cliff falling down “every half hour”.

The recent rise in temperature has caused cracks in the Jurassic Coast’s fragile cliffs and weakened the brittle surface and causing landslides.

The police in Devon shared a tweet about the cliff falls and warned people to avoid walking on the beach due to unstable cliffs.

“Another large cliff fall this morning. Reminder to beach users not to walk on the beach East of Sidmouth due to unstable cliffs which could fall at any time,” it said on Twitter.

A warning post was also shared by The Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat along with a photograph from the incident that warned people to stay out of the beach area.

Dorset Council, a local body in England, said that heat causes rocks to expand, and on exceptionally hot days, pre-existing fractures can enlarge emerging new cracks.

While most people were worried about their safety, a Sidmouth resident Vikki Cunliffe told the BBC, “It was definitely the largest cliff fall I have seen there.”

“Thank goodness it was not last week during the Sidmouth Folk Festival, when there were a lot of people walking underneath there,” she added.

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