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'Creepy' Video Showing A Tree Breathing Leaves Internet Baffled

The video has accumulated more than five million views and around 44,000 likes.

A creepy video has surfaced on the internet which shows a tree “breathing”. The eerie footage of the “heaving” tree has baffled several social media users, who are scratching their heads looking for a possible reason behind the bizarre phenomena. 

The short clip was shared by Viral Hog. The incident took place in Calgary, Canada, back in June. “Calgary was experiencing a heavy rainfall (100mm expected) and strong winds (gusts of 70-90km/h),” the caption of the post read. 

Take a look at the video below: 

Further, as per Viral Hog, the man, who help assist hazard trees, recorded the video. “After taking down a few in the area that had fallen and got hung up in other trees, we heard a loud “crack” and saw this tree,” the person said. He further explained that the wind blowing made the tree look like it was breathing. 

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Since being shared, the video has left the internet baffled. On YouTube, the clip has accumulated more than five million views and around 44,000 likes. 

One user wrote, “This looks like it belongs in stranger things, it’s kinda creepy.” Another explained, “Tree has a crack and it’s windy so when the tree leans due to wind the crack widens.” 

A third said, “Stranger Things right there,” while a fourth added, “A tree from HELL!!!!!”

Meanwhile, earlier this year, another social media post showing water coming out of a Mulberry tree left the internet amazed. In the clip, water could be seen oozing out of the truck of a Mulberry tree without leaves. 

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A BBC report later explained that the phenomenon is a once-a-year occurrence that lasts only a few days. It happens because of underground springs, which overflow during heavy rains, creating a high pressure that causes water to gush out of the tree trunk.

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