Dead Space remake – A look at the voice actors, cast, and backstories 

The Dead Space remake has finally been released, bringing in new fans and old to the dimly lit, familiar, and creepy corridors of the USG Ishimura with necromorphs lurking around the corner. The game has been built from the ground up with stunning visuals, yet staying faithful to the original title.

With Gunner Wright reprising his role as Isaac Clarke, fans are certainly excited. Joining him is a stellar cast portraying the crew of the USG Ishimura and the USG Kelion. Let’s take a look at the voice actors and the backstories of the characters in Dead Space.

Dead Space remake’s characters and their backstories add depth to the plot and overall experience

Taking a closer look at the Dead Space Remake characters, they’re all over the place compared to their actors. Nicole is aged up (her actress looks damn good for 50). Isaac got de-aged (despite him being in his late 40s like Gunner Wright, his voice and model).

Dead Space follows Isaac Clarke in his adventure across USG Ishimura in the hopes of finding his girlfriend, Nicole. While he was a muted protagonist in the original title, Gunner Wright, who lent his voice to the two subsequent sequels, reprises his role in the 2023 remake. Joining him is Tanya Clarke, who is also reprising her role as Nicole Brennan.

Aside from the two, several roles have been recast, with a new voice cast lending their talents to the game. The list includes Anthony Alabi, a former NFL player, along with Brigitte Kali Canales from the Fear the Walking Dead, and Trace Martez of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Bad Batch fame.

  • Isaac Clarke (played by Gunner Wright)
  • Nicole Brennan (played by Tanya Clarke)
  • Kendra Daniels (played by Anthony Alabi)
  • Zach Hammond (played by Anthony Alabi)
  • Dr. Challus Mercer (played by Faran Tahir)

Exploring character backgrounds in Dead Space remake


In Dead Space remake, players take on the role of Isaac Clarke. He comes across several notable characters from the USG Ishimura and the USG Kelion along his journey. The backstory of the characters are as follows:

  1. Isaac Clarke: Isaac Clarke is the protagonist of Dead Space. A former ship systems engineer for the Concordance Extraction Corporation, he joins the search-and-rescue team for the USG Ishimura. The ship went radio-silent following a message from Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole, whom he hopes to rescue.
  2. Nicole Brennan: Nicole Brennan is Isaac’s partner and a medical officer aboard the ill-fated USG Ishimura. She survived the initial stage of the necromorph outbreak and managed to send a distress message to Isaac Clarke, leading to the game’s events. Throughout Dead Space, Isaac experiences recurring visions of Nicole guiding him.
  3. Kendra Daniels: A computer specialist aboard the USG Kelion, Kendra Daniels is an antagonist in Dead Space. Alongside Isaac and the rest of the USG Kelion crew, she was assigned to the search-and-rescue mission for the USG Ishimura.
  4. Zach Hammond: The Chief Security Officer aboard the USG Kelion, Zach Hammond assists Isaac and the rest of USG Kelion’s crew in fighting off the Necromorphs when they first arrive on the USG Ishimura.
  5. Chen: Chen is also part of the USG Kelion’s security team, under the command of Hammond, who arrives on USG Ishimura alongside Isaac and the rest of the crew.
  6. Johnston: Corporal Johnston is the co-pilot of USG Kelion, under the command of Hammond, and stays back with the ship after it arrives on Ishimura. While Corporal Johnston was male in the original title, he has since been turned into a female character.
  7. Dr. Challus Mercer: Dr. Challus Mercer is a scientist aboard the USG Ishimura who survived the initial Nermorph outbreak, and has ambitious plans beyond just survival. Isaac comes across Dr. Mercer while exploring the USG Ishimura.
  8. Terrence Kyne: The Chief Science Officer of the USG Ishimura, Terrence Kyne is an expert on the Black Marker and a ranking member of the Church of Unitology. As such, he was stationed on the ill-fated ship whose original mission was to retrieve Marker 3A for the Church of Unitology.
  9. Benjamin Mathius: Benjamin Mathius is the captain of the USG Ishimura and led the mission to retrieve Marker 3A for the Church of Unitology when it fell into the necromorph outbreak.
  10. Jacob Temple: An engineer aboard the USG Ishmura, Jacob Temple is left to survive on his own during the necromorph attack.
  11. Elizabeth Cross: A horticulturist, Elizabeth Cross is one of the few survivors of the USG Ishimura left alive of by the time Isaac and the USG Kelion crew arrives.


Dead Space remake is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC. Jump right in and experience a classic title rebuilt for the modern generation of players and hardware.

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