Dead Space Remake pre-order comes with a free copy of Dead Space 2

Dead Space Remake, the upcoming sci-fi survival-horror title from Electronic Arts and Motive, will come with a free copy of Dead Space 2 for all players that pre-order the game before its scheduled release. It is easily one of the most celebrated and iconic survival-horror franchises out there, seconded only by the likes of Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Released back in 2007, Dead Space was considered by many to be the pinnacle of sci-fi horror. Fans of the series were asking for a dedicated remake of the original game, in the same vein as some of the recent survival-horror remakes, such as Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake.

With the game scheduled to be released in just a couple of weeks, fans will once again get to experience the spine-tingling horror and mind-bending story of the original Dead Space.

As an added bonus, those who pre-purchase Dead Space Remake on Steam will receive a free copy of Dead Space 2, the iconic sequel that is easily one of the most beloved survival-horror games of the seventh console generation.

Steam copy of Dead Space 2 is being offered as a pre-order bonus for Dead Space Remake


The original Dead Space will turn 15 this year. As such, the remake’s release makes for the best way for sci-fi survival-horror fans to celebrate the beloved horror classic. Electronic Arts and Motive offering Dead Space 2 as a pre-order bonus is the icing on the cake.

While the game is also available on the current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, i.e., PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the free copy of Dead Space 2 is only offered to PC players, via Steam. It should be noted that despite being coupled with the remake, the free copy of Dead Space 2 is the 2009 original, not a remake or a remastered version.

You can never have too much #DeadSpace. Pre-Purchase on @Steam now and you’ll also receive Dead Space 2 at launch on Jan. 27, 2023.Already Pre-Purchased? You’re ahead of the game and the offer applies to you too.🔗:

The Dead Space Remake is also available to pre-order on other PC storefronts like the Epic Games Store, but the free copy of Dead Space 2 does not show as a pre-order bonus anywhere apart from Steam. as such, for players that are looking forward to getting the game on PC, Steam is the way to go.

Much like Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls Remake for the PlayStation 5, the Dead Space Remake is a faith recreation of the original title. It features substantial improvements to the visuals, leveraging the power of the current-generation hardware, while keeping the core esthetics of the series intact.

The gameplay is also massively overhauled compared to the original, bringing the title much closer to modern survival-horror standards. It is shaping up to be a great start to 2023, and a great addition to the ever-growing catalog of modern survival-horror remakes, like the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake from Capcom and Silent Hill 2 Remake from Bloober Team.


Dead Space Remake is scheduled to release on January 27, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.

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