Diabetes is increasing in younger population, finds study: Doctors share early signs that might help in early medical intervention

Diabetes in young adults, people who are less than 40 years of age, has been on the rise for the last two decades, says Dr Ramesh Goyal, Head of Department of Endocrinology & Diabetes, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad.

The main causative factors for diabetes in young adults, the doctor says, are genetics, lack of physical activity, and increased mental stress.

“If a young adult has one parent who is diabetic, the chances of them being diabetic are 40 per cent, if both parents have a history of diabetes, the chances of developing it increase to 50 per cent,” he explains the role of genetics in the onset of diabetes.

“Besides this, lifestyle-related factors like consuming a high-calorie diet, minimal physical movement, and stress can cause diabetes in young adults (both male and female),” Dr Goyal adds.

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