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Fare Of Rs 1,645, Over 1 Minute Flying Time: This Is World's Shortest Flight

Picture shows the vlogger boarding the shortest flight.

A travel blogger in Mansfield, United Kingdom, has captured his journey on the world’s shortest flight, which takes one minute and 14 seconds, according to a report from Independent. A 41-year-old man named Noel Philips, filmed the video while flying between the Scottish islands of Papa Westray and Westray, which are only 1.7 miles apart (2.7 kilometres). Mr Philips posted the video on his YouTube handle on July 10 with a caption, “I took the world’s shortest flight and spent the night on a remote Scottish island.”

Since being shared, more than 1.8 lakh viewers have watched the video and it has received more than 6,000 likes.

However, due to its small distance and a price tag of £17 (Rs 1,645), it is one of the costliest flights in the world, the outlet further said. The alternative to the destination is a 20-minute boat ride across turbulent waters.

The route serves as a connecting flight to Kirkwall, allowing inhabitants to go to more populous areas of Orkney. It runs in a triangular pattern from Papa Westray to Westray and then to Kirkwall.

Users mocked him for repeatedly calling out the destination’s name while recording the video.

“Noel, you not only flew the world’s shortest flight, but you also set a world record for how many times a person can say Westray in two minutes or less,” wrote a user.

Another user said, “Imagine if you have 2 hours delay for this flight. It’s probably faster to just walk and swim there.”

The local government has proposed constructing a bridge to connect the two islands, but nothing has been approved thus far. For the time being, the plane is still used often by both residents and tourists.

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