Farmani Naaz takes down ‘Har Har Shambhu’ after its original writer Jitu Sharma takes legal action: All you need to know about the controversy – OpIndia


‘Har Har Shambhu’, the popular song sung by Farmani Naaz that sensationalized the internet within no time, has been removed from YouTube due to copyright issues. Jitu Sharma, the original writer of the song has alleged that Naaz stole his song and failed to give him the credits. Naaz had found herself in trouble earlier as well after being abused by Islamists for singing the song. Deoband cleric had slammed her saying that singing this song was haraam in Islam and against Sharia.

According to reports, Jitu had recorded the song in the voice of Abhilipsa Panda, who recently released a tweet saying that an Islamist girl (Naaz) was falsely claiming that the song was originally recorded in her voice and that she is the owner of the composition.

Sharma elaborating on the incident said that Farmani released the song amid the adored ‘Shravan’ month of the Hindu calendar and gained popularity within no time. He said that he had taken a lot of effort to write, compose and record the song. “I don’t have a problem with Farmani singing the song. But she should have given the credit to us”, he said.

Reports mention that Naaz deliberately kept on ignoring the fact that the song never belonged to her. She kept on claiming the originality of the song but lastly had to take down the song due to copyright infringement. Jitu also revealed the story behind the song. He said that he had to sell his vehicle to arrange finances for the recording of the song. “I wrote the song when I was assisting my father at his shop. I showed it to my Guru and then we discussed recording it. We wanted a girl to sing the song so then we started looking for the candidates and we found Abhilipsa. We needed finances so I decided to sell my loader vehicle”.

He added, “.. the vehicle was also purchased on EMI. I had paid Rs 80,000 as a down payment and also paid the instalments for the following four years. I sold the car for Rs 60,000. I was supposed to travel to Jamshedpur for recording and would spend Rs 500 daily. That was too much expensive for me. I would also take Abhilipsa with me”.

Jitu Sharma, the original writer of the song which has now been taken down from YouTube belongs to the state of Odisha and is poor. His father runs a small vegetable shop. Sharma has seen bad financial times since his childhood. He could not even complete his education due to his father’s vulnerable financial position. He did his 12th and then later opened a YouTube channel in the year 2012 where he uploaded his songs and compositions with his Guru Akash.

Reports mention that Jitu is not sad about Farmani Naaz singing his song, but is sad about not giving him the credit for the composition. He has now decided to take legal action against Naaz.

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