Feast your eyes on this stunning 55-inch TCL QLED TV Black Friday deal

Check out how affordable Black Friday has made this 55-inch QLED 4K TV.

The TCL 5 Series comes with features like local dimming, auto game mode, QLED screen, and Dolby Vision support.
TCL 5 Series (S535)

TCL 5-Series 4K QLED TV

Best Value

TCL’s 5-Series TV range offers some impressive specifications for lower prices. This 55-inch QLED panel we’re highlighting today has so much going for it, we almost feel bad for the retailer by paying so little for it.

TCL may not be a TV brand you’ve considered purchasing before, but the company’s screens are definitely worth the look. If you’re not wanting to spend much more on a TV from larger brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG, you can often save hundreds on a screen from TCL. The best TV deals this Black Friday further discount these already affordable panels. Today, we’re highlighting this 55-inch Class 5-Series 4K QLED TV for just $200.

No, you read that correctly and we’re not mistaken. This 55-inch TV from TCL is listed at Best Buy for just shy of $200. It’s not the best display on the market, obviously, but you won’t be disappointed if you have some 4K content you wish to view on the big screen. It’s not too far behind some more expensive TVs from the well-established market leaders.

Is the 55-inch TCL 4K TV a deal worth buying?

The TCL 55S546 has a lot going for it too, including a gorgeous QLED panel, support for Dolby Vision HDR, and contrast control zones. All this technology works together to create a more immersive viewing experience. It’s also running Google Android, allowing you to quickly access a whole host of apps like Plex, YouTube, and most of the on-demand services.

With three HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, and ethernet, you’ll be able to hook up all your devices and consoles to the TV and get it online no matter where your cabinet is in the living room. Paying out $200 for a 55-inch 4K TV is almost unheard of. But the same price for one with a QLED panel and other more premium features makes this one special deal.

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