Forget Apple’s foldable — trade in an iPhone on Black Friday to save big on a Galaxy Z Fold 4

You can save over $1,000 when you trade in an iPhone or other devices

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 brings back all the great things about the Fold 3, plus a much better camera system, a slightly wider outside screen, and smarter software.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best way to get a tablet-sized screen in your pocket. With that size comes versatility, allowing you to get more done on the go than ever before. Plus, it’s not just quirky; it’s powerful to boot, making it one of the best Android phones you can buy now.

If you’ve ever lamented how the trade-in value of your older devices tends to be lackluster, this Black Friday Samsung is changing all that. You can get the top-tier Galaxy Z Fold 4 for over $1,000 off its price. It’s possible to get the 256GB model for only $450 with an eligible trade-in. That’s a far cry from the original list price of $1,800. To say this is a good deal is the understatement of the year — you just can’t beat this value.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn’t need an introduction; its reputation precedes it. The foldable won’t be beaten regarding power and versatility thanks to its 12GB RAM and a foldable design which allows you to use your phone like a tablet when you need it. It’s literally the best multitasking phone you will ever lay your hands on.

Here’s why this Galaxy Z Fold 4 deal is so good

First, if you’re trading in any device at all, Samsung will throw an automatic $350 discount for you right off the bat. That has nothing to do with the condition of the phone you’re trading in or what model of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 you want; that’s $350 for trading an old phone in.

Next, depending on what phone you trade, you could be looking at a significant discount. For example, Samsung states that swapping a Galaxy Z Fold 3 will net you about $1,000 if it’s in good condition. A newer iPhone 13 Pro? That could be worth up to $550 off. But it’s not trading in the new devices that make this deal so good; it’s the value you get for some older devices or even devices with cracked screens.

Say you have an old iPhone 6S lying around with a cracked screen; Samsung will happily take that for you and offer you $300 off the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That’s on top of the $350 they will discount the price just for having a phone to trade in. That means a phone that a 7-year-old phone can save you up to $650 when you buy a Galaxy Z Fold 4 — that’s incredible. Truly one of the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen so far. Plus, it’s not just iPhones or older Samsung devices; they will let you trade in Google, LG, Motorola, and One Plus phones to save a ton of cash as well.

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