Fortnite YouTuber builds longest slide in-game, breaks world record – Sportskeeda


There are all kinds of world records in Fortnite, many of which will never be broken. There’s the record for the first occurrences in the game, like the first collaboration and first battle pass.

There are also plenty of records from older versions of the map that can’t be broken today because those maps and locations are long gone.

However, many Fortnite records get broken all the time. Tfue recently set out with his teammates to set a new world record for kills in a Trios match and succeeded.


One Fortnite player found the record for the longest slide in the game and set out to break the record. Here’s how it happened.

Fortnite YouTuber breaks record for longest slide in-game

The first step to breaking a record is knowing how to break it. For example, the existing record for the longest slide was 5,100 meters across the entire map. Therefore, the new record had to be at least 5,101 meters.

The second step is to test it out. This helped the YouTuber find out how long they could slide and what kind of items or materials they might need to pull this incredible feat off.

They could organically slide 357 meters, a far cry from the 5,101 needed.

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