GinoMachino: Elden Ring: GinoMachino beat every boss without taking a single hit, reveals secrets of game

An Elden Ring player not only managed to trick death but avoided taking a single hit from 165 bosses of The Lands Between. He beat every single boss without taking a single hit in a ten-and-a-half-hour single run on Twitch. The name of the Twitch streamer is GinoMachino. It was the first-ever all-bosses, no-hit run in Elden Ring.

GinoMachino told IGN that he exhaled a sigh of relief upon sealing the deal after defeating the final boss. He said that towards the back half of the run, he was “really focused”, so for the first four to five hours, he was “not really talking”. He also said that he focused on the game to ensure he didn’t “forget some little enemy” or things like that.

As for the preparations, he has been working on the run “for quite some time” before this successful run.

GinoMachino shared on Twitter following his winning moment that he can’t “believe” that they did it and that he wasn’t “confident at all” when he came to play today.
From the planning moment to last week’s accomplishment, an estimated 80 to 100 attempts were taken by GinoMachino for the no-hit run.

A true no-hit run means that the player can’t get hit a single time; if GinoMachino had gotten a single hit during his run, he would have to begin all over again. It would have made no difference if he took a single hit at one hour, five hours, and at the 10th hour because then the run would have been counted among the failed attempts.


  1. Is Eden Ring free to play?
    It’s a full-price game.
  2. How many GB is the Elden Ring?
    60 GB space.

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