Horoscope Today: November 25, 2022 | Vogue India

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But, there’s never a perfect time. There’s never a perfect time to jump right in, Cancer. You have to trust what your inner compass is telling you and jump right in anyway! This is your affirmation to find a balance between what you do for love alongside what you do to pay your bills. But, the present moment is all that there is, and the present moment is what you are being asked to embrace today, Pisces. That, and the joy of missing out! So, get ready to embrace sweater weather, order a big bowl of soupy noodles and watch your favourite show on loop. Be still, Aries. Observe the passage of your breath as it moves inwards and outwards as well as the gaps in between. By lighting the lamp of awareness, you will be able to recognise that you are where you are supposed to be. Overheard at the cosmic conference: trust the flow and where it is leading as you shake off any and all resistance. 

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