How to pre-register for Indus Battle Royale on Google Play Store

On Thursday, January 26, Pune-based game studio SuperGaming released the first gameplay trailer for their forthcoming Indus Battle Royale, which is being seen as an alternative to the banned game BGMI. Per the studio’s claims, their new BR shooter will not be a “pay-to-win” like many other contemporary titles.

The official pre-alpha launch gameplay trailer for the made-in-India Battle Royale game has also introduced fans to the battlefield of Virlok, with various locations, alongside multiple paragons (character skins), weapons, gear, and consumables. Furthermore, pre-registrations for Indus are also open on the Google Play Store.

A step-by-step guide on how to pre-register for Indus Battle Royale on the Google Play Store

As mentioned, SuperGaming has opened pre-registrations for Android users, and those who pre-register will get exciting surprises (as per the official claims). Readers can follow the step-by-step guide given below to successfully pre-register for the upcoming Battle Royale game on the Play Store:

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC/laptop (browser or Android emulator).

Ensure that your Gmail or Google Play account is logged in on the device you will pre-register for the game.

Step 2: Select the search bar at the top of the screen and fill in “Indus Battle Royale.”

Pre-registration are open for Android devices now (Image via Google Play Store)
Pre-registration are open for Android devices now (Image via Google Play Store)

Step 3: Tap on the relevant result to open the game’s Google Play Store page.

Step 4: Click the “pre-register” button.

After you have tapped the required button, you will come across the following pop-up:

“You’re pre-registered for this game. We’ll notify you when Indus Battle Royale is available for your device.”

You can also opt-in for the “auto-install” alternative in the Google Play Store, which will automatically download and install SuperGaming’s upcoming BR shooter on your device.

If you cannot find the game through search, you can browse for SuperGaming on the Google Play Store and find the game easily. However, if the Play Store doesn’t display the game, you can use the following link to redirect to the app’s official page in the Play Store:


You can copy the link and paste it into your desired web browser to access and pre-register the game.

When will the game launch, and how to register for the iOS and iPadOS devices?

And if you want to play Indus earlier? We have community playtests lined up for the year, much like we did last year. Stay tuned for details of our first playtest of 2023 coming soon.

SuperGaming has not revealed any details about the game’s release as of this writing. Still, users can expect the forthcoming BR shooter to launch in 2023. However, before the launch, iOS and iPadOS users will get to pre-register for the game.

App Store pre-registrations will follow soon.

As of this writing, only Android users can pre-register, and SuperGaming has promised that the same will commence for Apple’s App Store soon. In the meantime, one can check out the official gameplay trailer here:

Here’s the description of the official trailer of Indus Battle Royale’s gameplay:


“As a Mythwalker, this is your first glimpse into the Indo-Futuristic battleground of Virlok along with Paragons – our version of character skins. This trailer has a wide array of the weapons, gear, and consumables for you to use as you battle across the mysterious and exotic landmarks on Virlok.”

The game’s concept resembles Apex Legends Mobile, Free Fire MAX, Call of Duty: Mobile, and more. Moreover, one can expect Indus Battle Royale to become an alternative to the banned BGMI (or PUBG Mobile) and Free Fire.

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