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How to receive notifications on your Windows PC from your Android phone

There can be times when you are working on your PC and receive ongoing work-related notifications on your smartphone also. Checking your phone while working on a desktop or laptop can be a bit distracting, and you may miss some important notifications too. But there is a way to get these phone notifications on your Windows PC.

To get real-time notifications from your phone on your Windows PC, you need Microsoft‘s Phone Link app. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up this method.

Get these two apps first
Microsoft’s Phone Link app can be downloaded on Windows devices via the Microsoft Store. And if you use an Android phone, you can get the Link to Windows app from the Google Play Store for free. Then, you’ll have these two apps, which are required for this method to work.

After you have installed the above-mentioned two apps mentioned above, there are two things that need to be done.

  • Your Windows PC needs to have phone notifications enabled.
  • Make sure that the Link to Windows app and Phone Link app are updated to their latest versions.

On your Windows PC, launch the Phone Link app.


After selecting the Android checkbox, click on the Continue button.


Your PC will show a URL from where you can download the Link to Windows app on your Android smartphone.


Click on the Yes, I finished installing Link to Windows button on your computer.


You will then be given options in the Phone Link app to pair your phone with the Windows device manually or by scanning a QR code.


Choose Open QR code from the menu.


Tap the Continue button in the Link to Windows app on your phone.


On the phone, accept the request, and then click the Continue button.


Tap on the Done option on your phone and continue your work on your PC.

You can also connect your Windows computer and iPhone using the Phone link app. However, its current iOS notification functionality is quite limited.


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