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In Free Fire, one can find a long line-up of characters with special survival abilities, which offer a specific tactical advantage in various gameplay situations. Therefore, character abilities are among the most sought-after in-game items, which often have a price tag of hundreds of diamonds in the store.

However, due to the high price of characters, many F2P (free to play) users find them unaffordable. Thus, keeping in mind the inability of many gamers to purchase the characters, Garena introduced an in-game system called LINK via the OB33 update. And one can employ the LINK system to get their favorite characters for free.

The following section will provide more insights into Free Fire’s LINK system, allowing gamers to unlock characters without spending diamonds.

Free Fire LINK system allows users to obtain characters by grinding


The publishers introduced the LINK system via the OB33 update in March 2022. Initially, due to the ban on Free Fire, publishers did not release many OB33 features for the Indian server. However, after the OB34 update in May 2022, the LINK system was finally available for Indian users, which they could access anytime in FF MAX.

Players can use the system to “link” an in-game character and start grinding hard until they make a certain amount of LINK progress. This progress depends on certain tasks, which users can complete to reach 135000 LINK points, after which a character will be automatically unlocked for free.

Still, the LINK system is the only permanent solution for F2P users who want to acquire free characters in the game.

Here’s how users can unlock different characters without spending any diamonds in the game:

Step 1: Users should spot and tap on the Free Fire/FF MAX application on their devices.

Step 2: After logging into the game, one should open the Character section on the left.

Step 3: In the Character section, players can choose their favorite locked character and tap on the Chain icon given at the top.

Step 4: The Chain icon will open the LINK slot, where users can tap on the “+” button to “link” the character.

Step 5: One can “link” or “re-link” a character for at least 24 hours. During that time, users can try to register their maximum progress as the character becomes available temporarily for free.

Step 6: Once users have completed the following missions to reach 13500 points, they can permanently unlock a given character:

  • Play matches: 1500 LINK progress
  • Exchange using Gold (200 Gold): 100 LINK progress (limited up to five uses)

Both tasks reset daily at 4:00 am IST (for the Indian server), so users can reach a maximum of 2000 LINK progress daily by playing the game with a specific character.

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