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On September 7, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” shared a comical monologue on why he prefers to queue solo in games instead of with his friends. He revealed the primary reason for this is that it allows him to shout at people. If the streamer were in a lobby with friends, he would not be able to do that. The content creator also mentioned five-stacking in Valorant and how he prefers it only while playing offline (not streaming).

For those who are unaware, five-stacking is basically playing a game with four of your friends, regardless of their ranks. Speaking to his chat about solo queuing and why he does it, Jeremy said:

“I want to yell at my teammates.”


Disguised Toast claims to have hurt his friends’ feelings

He comically remarked that he enjoys playing with random players after solo queuing, saying:

“You get the ladies… and the gentlemens.”

Speaking about his preferences, the streamer said:

“I’ll be solo queuing cause I actually find solo queue to be more fun than five-stacking. I like five-stacking off stream. When I’m just like… I can get to be myself. But when I’m streaming, I want to solo queue ’cause I want to yell at my teammates. I can’t yell at my teammates in five-stacking. That’s the downside.”

(Timestamp: 1:13:48)

The Canadian content creator then sarcastically added that he’d hurt his friends’ feelings while playing Valorant, saying:

“Apparently, I ‘hurt’ people’s feelings when I ‘scream’ at them for being ‘useless’…”

Disguised Toast went on to say, in a further sardonic tone, that he had incurred a three-game losing streak the previous day while playing with “friends.” He also stated that the reason for his loss was that he could not “yell” at them.

Fan reactions

Regardless of Disguised Toast’s speech, fans know that the streamer is mostly a mellow person and doesn’t let his emotions overwhelm him. Many of them pointed out that he was merely trolling. Here are some of the comments that were left on the YouTube video:

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