Indore: Seasonal diseases on the rise, kids most affected – Free Press Journal


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): With long spells of humidity and frequent changes in climatic conditions, the city has been witnessing a rise in various seasonal diseases—mainly viral fever, skin infections and others. Over the past two weeks, most of the city’s hospitals have recorded a marked rise in the number of patients with these problems. According to doctors, children are the most affected as they are suffering from viral fever and skin infections and taking time for at least three-four days to recover.

Paediatrician Dr Tarun Gupta said that cases of viral disorders among children are increasing as the number has increased by 20 per cent.

“Many children are suffering from fever, stomach ache and skin disorders. These diseases are contagious and affecting routine life along with the studies of children, as well,” he said. He also appealed to people not to ignore the symptoms and said they must take treatment to avoid any spread of the diseases.

Meanwhile, HoD of the medicine department at MGM Medical College Dr VP Pandey said cases of mouth ulcers were also causing viral fever and stomach-related issues as a result of weather change.

Health dept alert on vector-borne diseases

Amid a rise in viral disorders, the health department has also issued an alert on the increase in vector-borne diseases and appealed to people to remain cautious over this. ‘With the monsoon having set in in full force, there are chances of a rise in vector- and water-borne diseases due to a rise in the mosquito population and consumption of contaminated water,’ chief medical and health officer Dr BS Saitya said. He added that not only dengue and malaria, but cases of water-borne diseases due to consuming contaminated water might also increase cases of typhoid and cholera.

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