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Saints Row (2022) is an upcoming reboot that has gained a lot of traction since the preliminary announcements, as fans have been excited to discover the new directions developers will take with it.

Over the years, there have been several releases in the series, and many of them have received positive approval from gamers and critics alike. However, the reboot will undergo several changes from the last few releases, which raises an important question – is getting the game at full price a sensible decision?


Saints Row is a relatively older series that started with its first release in 2006. Three others have followed the first game, and there have been some failed titles along the line. After nearly a decade, the series will be getting a new entry.

However, the 2022 release will be a reboot of the series, and it follows the line of current trends in the gaming sphere. That being said, there are certain positives from the early glimpse that could entice a prospective buyer into buying the game.

Expectations on Saints Row (2022) will be quite high as fans get a new game after almost a decade

Saints Row IV was a great hit but was released in 2013. Many had given up on their hopes for a new game, so everyone was pleasantly surprised when Deep Silver announced the reboot‘s development. While information has been limited, many want to get their hands on the game.

Had it not been for an unforeseen delay, the game in the discussion would have completed six months in circulation. The delay has meant that the game will be released on August 23 this year. One would certainly hope there won’t be further delays as less than ten days are now left.


Saints Row (2022) will be available on all major platforms and has a listed price of $60 on the Epic Games Store. This is, of course, the listed price of the base edition, and more premium editions come at a higher cost.

Most importantly, note that the 2022 reboot won’t be an exact copy of the older game. If anything, Deep Silver has promised that the game will revert to the formula followed by the earlier releases. While the trailer looks promising, fans will be able to get the same maniac mayhem that has been a part of the entire series.

The 2022 release will have something for all players, as the main focus will be on the story. Players will start in the fictional world of Santo Ileso, which is now captured by gangs. The onus on the player is to take back the land with the help of those who these gangs have done wrong.


Aside from all the usual weapons and ammunition, players will have different procedures to follow while executing a mission. They can choose a multiplayer co-op if they feel like it is certain to add another dimension.

Features like in-depth customer creation will also be there that will allow players to customize their in-game characters. The game will also get scheduled expansions which will only further the overall experience. It should be noted that the base edition doesn’t include the upcoming expansion, and players will have to select a more premium edition.


Overall, there’s nothing to suggest why the game won’t be worth it at its full price. Deep Silver sounds ambitious, and there has never been any doubt about a game in the Saints Row series. Moreover, pre-ordering will give all players some cool bonuses, enhancing their in-game experience.

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