Is the Omnis e-GT in GTA Online worth buying with this week’s discount?

This week’s GTA Online update has introduced many new discount offers on various vehicles in the game. However, players may have trouble deciding which car is the best for them.

Currently, many car enthusiasts are focused on buying the Omnis e-GT, which is a car that was introduced with the release of the Criminal Enterprises update that is equipped with many interesting features.

With a 40% discount on its price, it has become one of the most sought-after cars in GTA Online. If players are confused about whether they should purchase the car, this article will provide all of the information they need to know about it.

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All of the things GTA Online players need to know before buying the Omnis e-GT



This four-door electric sports saloon is based on the 2020 Audi e-Tron GT and boasts a modern and sleek design. It also has perfect proportions that many GTA players will appreciate.

Furthermore, it comes with efficient aerodynamics since it has a fully enclosed underbody that is very smooth from the front to the rear. Its outer design also focuses on comfort and allows for a high airflow, which is exemplified by its strategically placed edges and curves.

This means that the Omnis e-GT is one of the rare cars in the game that sports a design aesthetics that is both visually impressive and affects its performance in a positive manner.



This car has great acceleration and can easily reach 50+ mph in a matter of seconds. However, it has an underwhelming top speed of 111.5 mph and a lap time of 1:04.431, especially when compared to other cars in the game.

The Omnis e-GT is pretty heavy and can easily ram other vehicles out of its way, so if players are looking for a car that plows through traffic, this vehicle is a great choice.

However, due to its weight, it has poor braking capabilities and can easily spin out of control when making sharp turns. Its handling is also poor, and controlling this car at high speeds will be challenging.

Features and weaponry


The Omnis e-GT can be upgraded with a Remote Control Unit, meaning that players will be able to remotely control this car, similar to the RC Bandito and the Invade and Persuade Tank.

Players can also fit in a Missile Lock-on Jammer that would prevent any missile launcher from locking onto this car. However, if players use this upgrade, they won’t be able to use the Remote Control Unit.

The most surprising part of the electric car is its armor, which is really strong and can easily compete with other weaponized vehicles in the game. The armor can resist over 11 missiles and 29 heavy Sniper MK II Explosive rounds, making it one of the strongest in GTA Online.

When it comes to offensive capabilities, players can only deploy proximity mines that spill oil everywhere when activated.



From all of the above information, it is clear that the Omnis e-GT doesn’t have the greatest performance in the game. However, if GTA Online players are looking for a really strong defensive vehicle, then this car is a perfect choice. Players can currently buy this car for $1,077,000.

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