james webb telescope: New findings on exoplanet captured by NASA’s James Webb telescope can be ‘game changer’, says scientists

The exoplanet, a planet away from our solar system, has been named Bocaparins and is 700 light years away from Earth, and it was discovered by NASA‘s James Webb Telescope in August this year. The exoplanet is much larger than Earth and almost the size of Saturn. But what is unique about this exoplanet is that it is very close to its central star, like Mercury is to the Sun, only it is 8 times closer. The heat that the star generates is around 871 degrees Celsius at the surface or the atmosphere.

Scientists have begun to call it the “Hot Saturn” as a result, and the heat causes the gases that emanate into its skies to be in their molecular form or standalone. In other words, mercury, sulphur and other numerous gases can be seen floating around its atmosphere. This has created a fantastic detailed molecular portrait, where scientists have the advantage of looking at them individually, including photochemistry caused by the proximity of the host star.

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When to update Aadhar biometric details of your child

Scientists claim that with this data, they could rewrite each planet’s chemistry. Natalie Batalha, an astronomer at the University of California, Santa Cruz called it a “game changer”.
Scientists say this is the first time they have seen what happens in photochemistry. The Earth’s ozone layer is created similarly. The heat and sunlight together have made our ozone layer. Scientists feel that this is the beginning of understanding exoplanet atmospheres better.

The telescope has been a total success, and scientists are amazed by what they will get to study in the coming future. Detailed studies of exoplanets and their atmospheres are now made possible. The telescope is used to explore minute details of the universe through photography. Even the distant light of the big bang is expected to be revealed by this telescope, is what scientists believe. So the universe is being explored in a different way than earlier, which was mainly from ground-based telescopes.


When was the Hubble Telescope launched?

April 24, 1990

When was the James Webb Telescope launched?

December 25th, 2021.

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