Karkinos Healthcare Partners With TradeIndia To Organise Cancer Screening Drives Across Delhi NCR – BW Healthcareworld


Karkinos Healthcare, a oncology platform in partnership with TradeIndia, hosted a community outreach camp for cancer screening and early detection services.  

This initiative is aimed to promote elimination of Cervical Cancer through extensive Cancer screening and treatment for the population in Delhi- NCR region.  

The first camp from this collaboration was organised today at Samajik Suvidha Kendra, Chakkarpur, and Gurgaon. Community-based screening events attract a significant number of participants compared to hospital-based events. Today, about 400+ people were screened at first-of-its-kind cancer screening camps in the region.  

Karkinos Healthcare team carried out a digital risk assessment for major types of cancers. Oral visual examination for oral cancer, HPV DNA tests for cervical cancer and FIT test were done for colorectal cancer, apart from holding counselling sessions with the people explaining the importance of periodical screening to tackle the onslaught of cancer. Similar other camps will be organised in the coming weeks. 

Sakshi NGO provided on-ground support and their volunteers had worked for days to spread the word about this camp around the Chakkarpur area.  Based on the findings, suspected and high-risk cases will be further navigated by the Karkinos Command Centre and Sakshi NGO to district health facilities for diagnosis and treatment under the state health scheme. 

Statistics say that 1 in 10 women test positive for Cervical Cancer in India making it the second most common form of cancer in women; even though it can be completely prevented.  

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) estimates, there will be a 12 per cent rise in cancer cases in India by the next five years and also indicates that the most common forms of cancer will be breast cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer. This initiative focuses on creating awareness, empowering women for cancer screening and also emphasising the need for early detection. 

Striving to bring the most ground-breaking statistics to reality, Cancer has been growing like a plague over the years through ignorance or lack of awareness. While the general population has been quiet to such an effect, Cancer has been growing in numbers globally. This collaboration of Karkinos Healthcare with Tradeindia will help provide testing for underprivileged women as well as those that have the most extensive price to pay through the economical food chain. Either due to their lack of knowledge or poverty, they suffer the most and accept death as a choice.  

“Our initial approach is to impart knowledge to the citizens by educating them on the risk factors and warning signs of common cancers. Thereafter, Karkinos Healthcare will empower the screened citizens, who are predisposed to cancers with evidence-based treatment protocols. Cancer researchers and oncologists know for a fact that despite cervical cancer being a fully preventable disease, women, mostly in semi-urban and rural India, are the victims of this disease. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness, prevention, timely screening and early diagnosis. These initiatives will not only lead us to the goal of achieving sustainable solutions in cancer care but also lead us to align our objectives with India’s ambitious Universal Healthcare Coverage plans,” Dr. R. Sankaranarayanan – Director, Preventive Oncology, Karkinos Healthcare  

“Cancer rates in India are growing at an alarming rate and are becoming a cause for concern. People from remote and rural locations are also at risk because they do not get access to regular screening. This partnership with Karkinos Healthcare is a humble endeavour to provide the opportunity of early screening to those people, especially,” said Sandip Chhettri, CEO, TradeIndia. 

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