Kashmir’s first multiplex set to open next month – Greater Kashmir


Srinagar: After over three decades, Kashmir’s first multiplex will finally allow locals to watch movies on a big screen.

The Dhar family and INOX, one of the major film distributors and theatre chains, worked together to create the multiplex. The multiplex will open to the public in September.

This multiplex has three movie theatres with a combined seating capacity of at least 520 people. The most recent sound systems are installed, and it is exquisitely crafted.

After receiving some finishing touches, the INOX multiplex will be thrown open to public at Sonwar area here.

The multiplex’s numerous food courts and other entertainment options will also draw in kids.

The goal of restoring cinema in Kashmir, according to the owner of INOX multiplex in Srinagar, Vijay Dhar, is to provide younger generations with the same amusement available throughout the nation. “This is for everyone so that they can all take pleasure in the entertainment. Our children should be content. They must shout and scream as well. There is nowhere one can receive a dose of amusement, he remarked, with the exception of sports and food.

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