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Xiaomi CyberOne Smart Robot Introduction

At August 11th’s press conference, besides the 2nd generation foldable Mix Fold and other smart gadgets, Xiaomi also shared the latest progress in the exploration of intelligent robots, Xiaomi’s first full-size humanoid bionic robot Xiaomi CyberOne Smart Robot officially unveiled, as One More Thing.

Xiaomi CyberOne Smart Robot Introduction

Xiaomi’s first full-size humanoid bionic robot Xiaomi CyberOne has a lot to see, internal nickname “Tie Da”, 177cm tall, weighing 52 kg, can be a three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the real world (self-research Mi-Sense depth vision module, combined with AI algorithms to provide complete three-dimensional spatial perception capabilities, see and understand). The “small brain” developed, can achieve bipedal movement posture balance, strong limbs, power peak torque 300Nm, etc.

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Lei Jun’s interactions with Xiaomi CyberOne Smart Robot

For consumers, this product may not perceive much, but for there is Xiaomi, this is a very innovative product, it is no wonder Lei Jun will be proud to say that Xiaomi CyberOne with artificial intelligence as the core, standard humanoid as the carrier, is an exploration of the future technology ecology of Xiaomi, but also the new results of Xiaomi’s multi-faceted integration technology system.

Xiaomi Demonstrates CyberDog.

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CyberOne’s hip joint main motor instantaneous peak torque up to 300nm, with a self-researched humanoid biped control algorithm, walking posture more smooth. In other aspects, CyberOne supports the one-handed holding of 1.5 kg weights, reverse dragging upper limbs to reproduce the movement, and other functions.


According to Lei Jun, humanoid robots need to break through several key technologies, Xiaomi is “extremely optimistic about the application of intelligent robots in life and work”, the current cost of humanoid robots is about 600,000 to 700,000 yuan per unit, and mass production is not yet possible, Xiaomi will continue to work in this field.