Mahesh Babu Pens a Heartfelt Note about His Father

Mahesh Babu Pens a Heartfelt Note about His Father

Mahesh Babu was more attached to his legendary father, Superstar Krishna. Krishna was more satisfied and proud of Mahesh Babu’s success as a star than of anything else.

Although Mahesh Babu resembles his ‘daring and dashing’ father in some ways, the actor vows to make him even prouder.

He also claims to be fearless now.

Mahesh Babu, moved by the public’s outpouring of love following his father’s death, stated that his father’s life and legacy are celebrated by all.

“Your life was celebrated… your passing is being celebrated even more… Such is your greatness,” Mahesh Babu wrote in a letter. He lavished his father with praise. Today, he shared the letter on social media.

Superstar Krishna died at the age of 79 on November 15 in a hospital in Hyderabad.

Declaring that he will continue his father’s legacy, he wrote, “You lived your life fearlessly… daring and dashing was your nature. My inspiration… my courage… and all that I looked up to and all that really mattered are gone just like that. But strangely, I feel this strength in me which I never really felt before… Now I’m fearless.”

“Your light will shine in me forever… I will carry your legacy forward… I will make you even more proud… Love you Nanna.. My Superstar,” he added.

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