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The International Cricket Council (ICC) will conduct mock e-auctions for those participating in its media rights tender. Cricbuzz can confirm that mails have gone to all the participating parties that rounds of mock auction will be held separately over the next few days, till early next week.

The exercise, not usual before a major bidding, is to equip the participants with the knowledge on the methodology of the online proceedings. However, it must be stressed that the e-auction comes into the equation only if the bidding goes to the second round. The first round is a stage of closed bidding where all parties will have to submit sealed envelopes mentioning their bid amounts.

For the record, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which successfully conducted the IPL e-auction in June, too had undertaken the mock exercise. Kolkata-based MJunction had overseen this and the ICC too is believed to be engaging with them.

As it is a commercially sensitive issue, the ICC would not comment on this but a source with the knowledge has said it is primarily a training session on the auction site for the bidders so that they are entirely comfortable with the platform, should the bidding go to the second round. The ICC originally has told the parties that the mock sessions will be held from Friday (August 12) itself but in view of the extended weekend, the exercise may be undertaken on August 16 and 17.

The ICC has invited the Indian broadcasters to bid for the media rights for the next cycle of four years starting 2024 in the India territory with the option of vying for eight years as well. This has led to an element of consternation among Indian players, particularly over the multiplier formula which will decide the value of the bids and how an eight-year bid would be proportionately higher than the value placed for four years. The parties have been demanding clarity on this but the ICC seems reluctant to open the cards and looks at this as a strategic decision.

Another demand is for the disclosure of all the bid amounts when they are opened on August 26 in Dubai. The ICC has said that the bids will be opened in everyone’s presence but the value of each bid will not be made known to other competing parties.

The Indian television market, mainly consisting of Star, Sony and new entrant Viacom, all with the digital arms, have written to the ICC since it released the first set of clarifications last Friday (August 6).

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