Microsoft open sources its Windows 11 emoji for everyone to use – XDA Developers


Microsoft has announced that its (nearly) complete suite of emoji in the Fluent design style – the ones included in Windows 11 and the latest versions of Teams – are now fully open-source, making it possible for anyone to use them in their own projects. That’s a total of 1,538 emoji, which can now be incorporated by anyone into their own logos, icons, and so on, free of charge.

The new emoji, which Microsoft introduced last year, come in a few variants, including versions with a 3D effect – the ones used in Teams – as well as flat variants, which are the ones that ship with Windows 11. Microsoft is also making them available in various formats, including SVG, PNG, and JPG, so they’re truly available to anyone, regardless of the format they want to work with. There are even monochrome versions available.


While the company is trying to be as open as possible, there are some exceptions that can’t be shared with the community, and that’s because of existing trademarks. That includes the Clippy emoji – the famous character included in Microsoft Office 1997 and until Office 2007 – as well as two of the work-from-home emoji Microsoft introduced last year. That’s because those two included the Windows logo, which is naturally trademarked and protected by licenses. Aside from that, every emoji in Microsoft’s suite is now available for anyone to use and edit to fit their needs.

Microsoft’s goal is to allow for more personal expression that’s more inclusive of everyone. Additionally, the company reaffirmed its belief in an open culture, where it can share its work for others to use, and allow creators to design experiences tailored to their users’ specific needs. The Microsoft open source emoji are available on GitHub if you want to download them that way, but a more viable option may be to use Figma, where the entire set of emoji is also available now.

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