Mumbai Rains Update: Why Dengue, Malaria Cases Continue To Rise Despite Receding Monsoon? – Mumbai Live

According to a data revealed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), it has come to light that the rain-related diseases have started declining in Mumbai with slowing of monsoon activities. However, dengue continues to be a cause of concern as such cases are increasing.

Therefore, the civic body has urged citizens to prevent breeding of mosquitoes at their homes and workplaces.

Mumbai usually sees a surge in dengue cases from August when rain is intermittent, making it favourable for mosquitoes to breed; despite Mumbai rains fading, the city marked 30 confirmed cases in the four days of September. While in August, nearly 170 cases were notified to BMC.

As per reports, in the past four days, the city has been reporting 22 cases of malaria and 7 cases of dengue every day. Hence in the past four days, 89 patients have been diagnosed with malaria and 29 patients have been diagnosed with dengue.

Overall, 382 dengue cases and two deaths have been reported this year so far. As per civic officials, most of the cases of dengue and malaria have been reported from B, F South, G North, D, and E wards.

Hospitals are seeing many admissions due to dengue and malaria. BMC said fever, headache, rash, muscle and joint pain and vomiting should not be taken lightly.

On the other hand, cases of influenza H1N1 (swine flu) that saw a significant jump in August have started to decline. BMC was notified of three cases in the first four days of September; in August, nearly 190 cases were reported.

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