NASA Artemis-1 snaps new photos of the Moon very closely! Check these out

NASA Artemis-1 takes close up photos of the Moon this time using its optical navigational system. Check them out.

The Artemis-1 mission from NASA is enroute to a successful one and so far, it has stunned the world with some exceptional photos of the Moon. The Artemis-1 filmed the approach to the Moon and even livestreamed the event, which is a big achievement considering the distance between the spacecraft and our planet. NASA isn’t done yet and is busy sharing more pictures of the Moon. This time, the agency shared very close-up photos of the Moon via a different set of onboard cameras.

Using the spacecraft’s onboard Optical Navigation System, NASA clicked a couple of new photos of the Moon up close. Although the images are black and white, they give us a look at the craters and all the terrain features on the lifeless Moon. The photos were taken while Orion was just 128 Kms above the Lunar surface.

Artemis-1 shares new Lunar pics

“This photo was taken using Orion’s optical navigational system, which captures black-and-white images of the Earth and Moon in different phases and distances. This vital technology demonstration on the Artemis I flight test will help prove its effectiveness for future crewed missions.,” said NASA in its social media post.

This view will be crucial to astronauts when they approach the Lunar surface during the Artemis-2 mission. Right now, it is giving us a first view of the Moon this close since the last Apollo mission flew.

NASA has equipped the Orion spacecraft with a bunch of cameras to take as much data from the mission as possible. In a recent report from CNET, it was found that NASA is using modified versions of GoPro Hero cameras for the mission. These cameras are recording everything in 4K and while the basic camera system is similar to a standard GoPro, NASA had to modify it for the harsh conditions of space. After all, a GoPro camera on its own isn’t durable enough to sustain the extreme temperatures, radiation and a lot more.

The Orion spacecraft also did fly-by over the landing spots of the Apollo 11, 12 and 14 missions back in the 1970’s. The next time the Artemis mission goes to the Moon, astronauts will be aboard the craft.

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