New cardiac MR technique cuts scan time by more than half – Health Imaging


Researchers recently developed new MRI technology that significantly reduces the amount of time required to complete cardiac MR exams

Using a new 4D flow cardiac MRI scan, experts were able to complete cardiac examinations in just eight minutes [1]. In comparison, standard CMR exams typically take around 20 minutes. 

This was achieved by using a k-adaptive-t autocalibrating reconstruction for Cartesian sampling (kat-ARC)—a reconstruction technique for 4D flow CMR using conservation of mass principle applied to transvalvular flow. The technique speeds up the acquisition process while also measure peak velocity of the blood flow of the heart with great precision, according to a recent analysis that compared the results of kat-ARC 4D flow imaging to that of Doppler echocardiography. 

Researchers used the agreement between mitral net flow (MNF) and aortic net flow (ANF) to validate the technique’s accuracy and confirmed an association between the two measures. Peak aortic valve velocity by Doppler and 4D flow were also found to be comparable. 

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