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Numbers play a magical role in one’s career, love and other important aspects of life. Numerology is an ancient science to know your future as what lies in store for us, mesmerizes humans since time immemorial. So just check what lies in store for you today as your number has all secrets trapped.


On August 12, 2022, Moolank (birth number) is 3 and Bhagyank (Path Number) is 8. People associated with number 1 are skilled in managerial work. They are decision makers and people stick to them and trust them. On 12th August 2022, Radix number is 3 and Bhagyank is 8. Today is the time to increase self-focus for the people of number 1. There will be normalcy in work and business. Do not do risky work. Take care of your diet. You will maintain professionalism. Employed people will do better. Traditions will be followed. Be polite to subordinates. Avoid arguments. Don’t trust new people too soon. Keep up the study. Follow the learning and advice of seniors. Decorate the house

Favourite numbers: 1, 2, 5 and 6

Favourite colour: Vermillion

Alerts: Don’t show arrogance. Proceed with the paper work. Maintain compatibility with the environment. Increase modesty.


People governed by number 2 have a strong imagination. On August 12, 2022, Moolank (birth number) is 3 and Bhagyank (Path Number) is 8. They are short-tempered people and because of this, people make the mistake of understanding them as a person of unstable intellect. Today, the day is going to be more helpful for them in professional matters. Success percentage in career and business will be better than normal. Keep moving forward with consistency and discipline. Increase meditation and yoga. Art skills will increase. Working attitude will improve. Family members will be helpful. Maintain co-ordination with officers at work. Increase humility. You will increase the focus on personal subjects.

Favourite numbers: 2, 3, 6 and 8

Favourite colour: Almond

Alerts: Take care of time management. Don’t be tempted by greed. Keep your confidence. Increase focus.


People associated with number 3 will have a good day. You will get professional results. You will be excited by the desired success. You will be willing to take risks. On August 12, 2022, Moolank (birth number) is 3 and Bhagyank (Path Number) is 8. Those who stick to the number 3 are intelligent people. They play a big role in giving direction to the society. Be courageous and skilled in organizational work. There are subject matter experts and officers. Today the number 3 person will get the benefit of these qualities. You will get the benefit of natural justice. Luck will prevail. Maintain balance in all matters. Your loved ones will be happy and impressed. You will strengthen the system.

Favourite numbers: 2, 3, 6 and 8

Favourite colour: Orange

Alerts: Work with preparation. Leave the house on time. Keep focus on the goal. Don’t waste time on petty things.


People with lucky number 4 have the ability to influence. They believe in tradition along with modernity and their character is strong. Don’t fall for advice easily. Their behavior is warm like the heat of the number Lord Sun. Respect the guests. Participate prominently in important events. They are good leaders and managers. On August 12, Radix number is 2 and Bhagyank is 6. Today, they need to increase the focus on the family. Will continue to discharge responsibilities. Career business will be as expected. You will take advice from professionals and will get working support.

Favourite Numbers: 3,4,6, and 8

Favourite Colors: Cream

Alerts: Avoid sensitive things. Do not hurt the feelings of close ones. Avoid risky activities and expensive purchasing.


On August 12, people having number are able to get the best results only with a little focus. They have good memory and emotional quotient. They support everyone in need and serve and take care of loved ones. On August 12, Radix number is 2 and Bhagyank is 6. Today there is an auspicious effect for number 5. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining good working speed. Focus on financial success. Expenditure and investment will increase with good income. Everyone will be impressed by the grandeur. Hopes will get stronger. Profit trade will remain positive. Proceed with discipline. Enthusiasm will keep morale high. They can be honored.

Favourite Numbers: 3,5,6, and 8

Favourite Colour: Apple green

Alerts: Avoid sensitive things. Do not hurt the feelings of close ones. Avoid risky activities and expensive purchasing.


Number 6 is the maintainer of dignity. Don’t get affected by anything quickly. You are advised to stay away from light things and give due respect to all. They are civilized gentlemen. They get prestige in the society. People do things by asking them. On August 12, Radix number is 2 and Bhagyank is 6. Today these people should increase the focus on personal matters. Convenience resources will increase in the family. They will be close to loved ones. Seniors will cooperate. Do not show excessive enthusiasm in career and business. They will continue to move forward according to the system and management. There will be a sense of victory. Responsibility can be increased.

Favourite Numbers: 2,6,7 and 8

Favourite Colours: White

Alerts: Do not mix personal and professional activities. Be careful in your business and career. Maintain Smart Delay.


The person with the number 7 is the one to take the initiative. You understand the matter quickly. You are capable of making decisions. The ability to mobilize with people makes you effective in front of others. Your work will be better. The effectiveness will remain. Personality will be impressive. Education and culture will be encouraged. Increase the focus on subjective learning. There will be an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the family. Friends will be supportive. Your children will give you happiness. Do not ignore legal matters and orders. Take a decision only after checking the facts. Don’t trust new people too soon. Students will do well. You will keep learning advice. Luck will be in your favour.

Favourite Numbers: 1,4,5, and 7

Favourite Colours: Rusty

Alerts: Give importance to discussions. Don’t get carried away by passion and ego. Avoid anger. Ignore useless things. Don’t be tempted.


People associated with numerology 8 have a sharp memory and are emotional. The moon is the lord of number 8. You should take care of everyone. People associated with numerology 8 are creative and understanding. Advanced learning gives a boost to their performance. There is an art of adapting to every environment. The day of August 12 will have a simple effect on them. You will maintain the routine. Increase focus on career and business matters. You will move on from the lessons of elders. Mood swings may persist. Maintain patience. Respect relations. Emphasise working smart. You’ll trust only close ones. Work may be slow. You will increase control over contingencies with discipline. Emphasize increasing motivation.

Favourite Numbers– 3,6,8, and 9

Favourite Colours– Blue

Alerts: Proceed with understanding and balance. Avoid showing off. Pay attention to the budget. Keep following the rules.


Number 9 people would be better off moving forward with caution and ease on this day. Lucky number 9 is ruled by Rahu and those people are rich in intelligence. They should be involved in creative work. The focus should be increased on work. Stay away from gossip and ego. Keep the focus on the target. The environment of the workplace will be positive. You will keep everyone’s trust. You will fulfil the responsibility well.

Favourite Numbers: 3,6,8, and 9

Favourite Colours: Pink

Alerts: Be polite to the little ones. Don’t ignore. Avoid displaying unnecessary qualifications.

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