Nvidia Broadcast app gets Eye contact feature, to ensure your eyes are focused on webcam

To curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, governments around the world imposed complete lockdowns, and this forced people to work and study from home. Though economic activities are returning to the pre-pandemic era, companies are still continuing to offer flexible Work-From-Home (WHF) options. Now, office meetings are mostly done through video conferencing apps and people have become accustomed to delivering presentations via webcam, but most often than not, he/she has to keep track of the PPT slide on a computer/phone and also look at their notes remember key pointers, to maintain smooth presentation. This sometimes becomes distracting for the viewers. Even those watching it, sometimes take their eyes off the camera, and this comes off as rude and disinterested in the presentation.

To avoid such awkward situations, Nvidia’s updated the Artificial Intelligence(AI)-powered Broadcast app, which ensures the person’s eyes are always looking at the camera for the audience at all times.

The video demo (below) shows how flawlessly the app works to keep eyes even though looking the other way is still fixed staring at the camera. Users have to just enable the aptly named option- ‘Eye Contact’. Ensure the Broadcast app is updated to the latest v1.4.

Open Broadcast app >> Camera >> Add Effect >> Eye Contact (beta)

The new update also brings improved virtual background, which allows users to remove the background and replacement with a custom lighting setup or just blur it. With AI greenscreen effects, users can even cast the gaming interface in the background.

Unfortunately, the Broadcast app is currently available for Windows-based PC with a minimum of 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 8600/AMD Ryzen r5 2600 or higher, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060/Quadro RTX 3000/TITAN RTX (or higher) GPU.

Video demo of Nvidia Broadcast app’s latest feature- Eye Contact:

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