Peaky Blinders Unreal Engine 5 Imagining With Ray Tracing, SSR, Lumen and Nanite Has Fans Hoping For a Game Adaption – Wccftech

Peaky Blinders fans unite – a Peaky Blinders Unreal Engine 5 Mafia-style concept video has been released.

Created by artist and YouTuber ‘TeaserPlay’, this imagining of the popular gangster family TV series within Epic’s new engine has fans of the show hoping for a proper game adaption. In addition to ray tracing, this concept video features screen space reflections, Epic’s Nanite micro-polygon geometry feature, the engine’s Lumen lighting tech, and the MetaHuman framework.

It’s a pretty cool concept video, especially for fans of the Peaky Blinders TV series, and we recommend checking it out below.

Going by the comments under the video, many would love to see the show get a game adaption. The preferred developer? Mafia developer Hangar 13 seems to be good pick. To date, two games based on the TV series have been released – 2020’s puzzle-adventure Peaky Blinders: Mastermind, and the upcoming VR entry, The King’s Ransom.

The game is an authentic, embodied experience set in an atmospheric 1920s England. Players will choose their path in moments of subversion, wish fulfilment, narrative intrigue, and gripping set pieces, to see how the story will play out.

Ian Hambleton, CEO of developer Maze Theory said: “For the first time, fans will have access to believable and responsive characters from Peaky Blinders, coming face-to-face with Tommy Shelby and encountering first-hand some terrifying situations. It’s an intense and thrilling experience.”

The CEO added, “At Maze Theory, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and creating highly innovative fan and gaming experiences. We’re very excited to be giving fans and VR enthusiasts access to the Peaky Blinders’ world, transporting them back to 1920s Birmingham and putting them in iconic locations such as The Garrison and Charlie’s Yard.”

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom is releasing later this year.

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