Please don’t stop the music: Spotify is down for most users

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Spotify seems to be down for users across the country.

Many users who attempted to log onto Spotify today saw that they couldn’t access their tunes or podcasts.

Spotify has not yet publicly addressed the outage.

When attempting to visit the official support page, users are greeted with this scary-looking message:

spotify down

Spotify support page

When trying to contact Spotify support, it brings up a similar page.

Due to the amount of conversation this has generated, Spotify is trending on Twitter, with thousands of tweets in the last hour.

Despite widespread reports of an outage, a few people claim that the music service is still working for them.


Spotify’s support page now actually works, and it has provided an update on the situation.

Spotify has received “some reports” of technical difficulties, and its tech team is looking into it. Unfortunately, the website and app are both being affected by the issue.

Update 2:

As of 12:20 pm PST, Spotify services seem to be slowly going back online.

Last year, Spotify went down for hours as users were logged out and unable to log back in.


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