Remove these apps from the phone today, money is disappearing from people’s bank account – Gearrice


Tech News Desk – iPhone or Android users need to be extremely careful while downloading the app. After the return of Joker malware, the headache for smartphone users has increased. In such a situation, every mobile phone user needs to be very careful. Today we are going to tell you about some such safety tips. You also need to pay close attention to these tips. If you want to download any app then you need to be very careful. If you download any app from play store or app store then you should read about its review first. Many people here share their experiences. If reviews are constantly coming about such apps, then you need to be very cautious. Because malware can cause more problems in the phone.

It becomes quite easy for Android users to avoid such apps. Because there are many such software available for Android users that can remove such malware. This list includes ‘optimizing’ and ‘cleaning’, like Super Clean, Rocket Cleaner is absolutely the best for this. However, even after this, Google’s team is working continuously. Many apps have already been removed from the App Store. Whenever you download an app on the phone, it first asks for permission. If an app is asking permission for everything in the phone, then it means it is a bit suspicious. Because giving permission to every app means that everything present in the mobile phone can be read easily. It should be avoided before giving such permission. Because after this he can keep an eye on every movement.

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