Samsung Galaxy S23 series could see a significant price bump

It’s no secret that smartphone prices have been rising steadily over the years, even faster so post-pandemic, and it now looks like the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is getting on with the trend. Tipster Roland Quandt on Twitter has shared prospective prices for the upcoming phones in a few European countries. Just about every model and variant is seeing price hikes, with some costing up to 100 Euros or more than their predecessors.

In Spain, the base variant of the Samsung Galaxy S23 starts at 959 Euros, which is exactly 100 Euros pricier than the Galaxy S22’s launch price of 859 Euros in the same country. At the other end of the price band is the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 12GB/512GB variant that starts at 1589 Euros, which is 130 Euros pricier than the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 1,459 Euros.

After seeing lacklustre sales with the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung decided to bring down the price of the Galaxy S21 series to boost demand. Where the S20 series pricing ranged from $999 to $1,399, the S21 family was priced from $799 to $1,199 – a price cut of $200 across the board. The Galaxy S22 lineup inherited the prices of its predecessors, and that may have been one of the reasons why the Galaxy S22 Ultra broke all sales records of any Note series device sold to date.

It’s worth mentioning here, though, that this price cut didn’t make it to India. Here, prices have only climbed with each subsequent model post-Galaxy S20, likely due to the weakening of the rupee. The Galaxy S20 started at Rs 66,999, S21 started at Rs 69,999, and the S22 started at Rs 72,999.

Anyway, with the possible price bumps on the Galaxy S23 series, the Korean company appears to be reversing the deductions it introduced with the S21s. Quandt has only revealed pricing for a few European countries, but if those increments are to be implemented globally, India could see pretty major price bumps this year.

The country has seen price bumps even when Sammy slashed prices across the globe, so with an actual surge this time, who knows how much more people would have to shell out this year to get their hands on the S23.

Converting the prices Quandt mentioned, we arrive at the following table:

Galaxy S20 series Galaxy S21 series Galaxy S22 series Galaxy S23 series (converted to USD) Galaxy S23 India (converted to INR)
$999 — $1,399 $799 — $1,199 $799 — $1,199 $1,043 — $1,729 ₹85,119 — ₹1,41,104

As mentioned above, the base variant of the Galaxy S22 was launched for Rs 72,999, so the jump up to Rs 85,119 is significant. We can only hope that Samsung limits the price rise to the aforementioned European countries and leaves India out of this — or at least doesn’t raise the figures as high.

Regardless, with less than a week until Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event, the air of mystery surrounding the pricing will clear up soon.

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