Sari run in Bengaluru this Sunday – Deccan Herald

Over 1,000 women participated in The Saree Run in 2019.

Running group Jayanagar Jaguars will host the fifth edition of ‘The Saree Run’ for women on September 18.

It aims to break the stereotype that fitness activities can only be performed in modern attire like T-shirt and track pants. Women are invited to run 3 to 5 km in sari.

Less than 20 women turned up for the inaugural edition in 2016, but their last event in 2019 saw over 1,000 participants, Ajay Jayshankar from the organising team informed. “This year, a 20-year-old has registered and so has a 65-year-old. Some called up to ask if they could bring their mother or mother-in-law along. Others have resumed walks and workouts, which they had stopped since the pandemic broke out,” he added.

The run will be held at the cricket ground at Malleswaram, 18th cross, at 6 am.

Registrations open till September 16 on

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Check out DH’s latest videos

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