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Science, Nation World News: Scientists have recently discovered a new planet named HD 56414.

This new planet, reported by, is located at a distance of about 873 light-years in the constellation Volans.

Also known as TOI-1228, TIC 300038935 or SAO 249773, this star is approximately 420 million years old, much younger than our Sun at 4.5 billion years.

The newly discovered exoplanet orbits HD 56414 every 29 days at a distance equal to about a quarter of the distance between Earth and the Sun.

The radius of this new ‘alien’ world is 3.7 times that of Earth and it belongs to the hot Neptune class.
Designated HD 56414b (TOI-1228b), it was detected by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) while crossing its parent Type A star.

University of California, Berkeley astronomer Steven Giacalone and his colleagues said, “Current methods of detecting exoplanets are the easiest to find planets with short, fast orbital periods around their stars, but the orbital periods of these planets have not been reported so far. Longer than the search.” his companions. ,

“Easy to find Neptune-sized planets located close to bright A-type stars will rapidly lose their gas from harsh stellar radiation and reduce to an undetectable core.”

The discovery of HD 56414b outside the region where the planet would lose its gas suggests that the bright A-type star may have several invisible cores within Neptune’s hot region waiting to be discovered through more sensitive techniques. are.

In their study, the astronomers also modeled the effects of star radiation on the planet and concluded that, while the star is slowly shrinking in its atmosphere, it is likely to remain for a billion years – beyond the point at which But the star was prone to burn up and collapse, resulting in a supernova.

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